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Friday, October 9, 2009

DIY Paper Lantern

This is a paper lantern I made yesterday. I purchased this sheet of handmade paper at Grand Art Supply here in Lansing.
I started with a 2 liter pop bottle and cut off the end. I cut a slot for my light (a small light from a xmas ceramic house), and filled the bottom with pebbles for weight. This lantern would also work with a tealight candle in a small glass holder.
I trimmed the top of the paper with satin ribbon to add some stability to the paper, then wrapped the paper around the pop bottle base.
I used glue dots along the seam to hold the paper together, and tape runner to attach the ribbon. No waiting for glue to dry!
This lantern could be personalized with any type of paper. Use as a table centerpiece for a wedding? I think so!

Inside of the lantern- pop bottle base

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